As summer gives way to the back-to-school season, the Pine Creek School Division is gearing up with enthusiasm for the new year. Superintendent Sandra Meilleur shared the inside scoop on the upcoming school year. 

 “We have very dedicated teachers who love to spend time preparing and planning in the schools before they open,” Meilleur noted. “They've been in the schools for a week already, but we're all ready to go and to hit the road running on September 7th when students come back to school. We're very excited to start up this year.” 

Change is also in the air this year. The division welcomes three new administrators and a few resource teachers.  

Meilleur highlighted the strong sense of community. 

“Our staff really comes together for the new families.” Meilleur shared, “It's very much a family-oriented school division. Everybody really comes together to organize events.” 

As the new school year approaches, the division's dedication to students and educators shines brightly, setting the stage for the promising year ahead. 

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