The Nature Conservancy of Canada and Manitoba held its third Paddle for Nature fundraiser this weekend. Development officer Fayaz Hasan says it's to encourage people to get in touch with nature. 

"Just make some time to get out there, into the Manitoban waters -- actually, Canadian waters, really, because the event is open to anyone who is able to participate in this event across Canada," says Fayaz. "There is no set specific location. So, we just wanted to have that flexibility for everyone. Whatever watercraft gets people outside -- kayaks, you can use paddle boards, even floaties. Take that time and make that connection with nature."

He said a peer-to-peer fundraising aspect allows you to take a bit of effort and put some work into fundraising among your peers.

Fayaz HasanFayaz Hasan

"Every dollar that we raise goes toward conservation work in Manitoba," continues Hasan. "It's a really good way for people to make a tangible impact toward conservation work in our very own backyard."  

They raised about $13,000 last year and they're already up to $20,000 so far for 2023. 

"We set out with the goal of $30,000," notes Hasan. "Whatever we can raise, of course, all makes a really good impact toward our conservation." 

It started on Friday and runs until today (Sunday).

"The fundraising for the event continues on for at least another five days after this," adds Hasan. 

Check out their webpage at 


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