Every prospective home-buyer, or seller, dreams of that real estate agent who will bring elements of experience, strategy, work ethic and enthusiasm to their transaction. But all four? In the same person? There’s only Peter Bracken.

A RE/MAX sales representative serving Portage la Prairie and surrounding area, Peter’s #soldbooya approach to real estate is already known to and appreciated by the thousands of clients he’s dealt with directly.

We recently sat down with Peter to discuss some common home-buying and selling questions, and to introduce him to clients who might still be unfamiliar with #soldbooya.

I’m thinking about buying my first home. Where do I start?

With me! We’ll work together to pinpoint your exact wants and needs, all the while deciphering your timeline to purchase. We’ll also go through your pre-approval (if you haven’t already done it) and narrow down all the criteria. Basically, I’m here with you every step of the way.

Is there a “best” time of year, price-wise, to buy a home?

There’s really not a quick and easy answer here. All areas of the market can fluctuate year-round. Many factors play into pricing differences at specific times of the year, such as supply and demand, school schedules, holidays, workload – really, almost anything. It’s important to stay on top of external factors that affect pricing, and this is something I’m always paying close attention to, so you can be confident that everything is accounted for where pricing is concerned.

What are some common concerns for new home-buyers?

I think the most common concern is not knowing what to do next. The process can be overwhelming. But that’s where I come in! I’ll guide you step by step, thoroughly and all the way through the purchase of your home.

What’s meant by the new mortgage stress test?

Essentially, lenders will run your numbers based on income and expenses to find your debt service ratio. The stress test is conducted a bit higher than what the current mortgage rates will be, to ensure you can handle the payments with ease. I definitely recommend having ongoing conversations with your lender or mortgage broker.

How will rising interest rates affect my mortgage rate and the amount of home I can afford?

Having a fixed rate mortgage as opposed to a variable rate can make a big difference. A fixed rate is locked in for a specific term, whereas a variable rate follows the Bank of Canada rates. Again, I always recommend having conversations with your lender or mortgage broker.

What’s your experience in the industry?

I have plenty of experience overall! With an extensive background in construction and avid property and business investment, as well as 10 years as a Realtor, I bring quite a lot to the table. Be sure to bring me any and all of your questions, because I love answering them! I’m knowledgeable, and I have a great track record. I’ve directly helped thousands of happy clients!

What can clients expect when they work with the #SOLDBOOYA brand?

Honesty. Integrity. Work Ethic. I’m constantly and relentlessly working on myself and my business to do more in our ever-changing market, particularly with online presence, videos, exposure, and so much more. Call or click, and see for yourself!

How can you be reached? Where could I learn more about #SOLDBOOYA?

Well, definitely call, text or email me at any time for direct contact! I can be reached at (204) 871-4843 and soldbooya@gmail.com. You can browse my listings at www.soldbooya.com. Also, check out my Facebook and YouTube pages! It’s time to bring the #soldbooya!