Last Saturday, Ogitchita Martial Arts Systems students took home 38 medals for Portage la Prairie in the North American All Martial Arts Open. 16 gold, 16 silver and 6 bronze, spread between 22 fighters. Stephen Prince is head instructor of Ogitchita and says he was happy to see his students implement some new techniques at the tournament.

"They worked very hard," says Prince. "Just their tenacity and dedication to the art really came out at the tournament. We saw a lot of the techniques that we just introduced to them in the last month and a half, and they were landing them perfectly. I was just full of pride at the tournament."

Among attendees was supposed to be Chuck Norris, however, he was unable to make it due to his wifes' illness. Prince says he's disappointed Norris wasn't able to make it but says it's understandable as it's important to be with your loved ones when they're sick. Prince would like to thank all the contributors that helped with the competition.