The Reeve of Norfolk-Treherne is looking to keep the position come October.

Will Eert says that one of the biggest deciding factors in his running for re-election was the relationships he's formed with the other members of the council. He notes he doesn't believe his work is done and would love to keep working with them again.

"We've got a wind project that we're working on in the hopes of doing some economic development here," explains Eert. "Right now an important issue, of course, is our hospital closure and we're working very hard to ensure that our hospital reopens again."

He adds another thing he's been focused on has been amalgamating the municipal government to best serve the townspeople, as well as their rural residents. Eert notes he's always learning in his position.

"I think it will change depending on the council," mentions Eert. "Just to with them and just try to get the best decisions we can for whatever issue we're dealing with." 

The municipal elections will take place on October 26th.