With the help of Protein Industries Canada a new line of products developed by partners Konscious Foods, Merit Functional Foods and Canadian Pacifico Seaweeds.

Konscious Foods is using Merit’s pea and canola proteins, and Canadian Pacifico Seaweeds’ seaweed ingredients, to develop more than 20 plant-based seafood alternative products.

The $15.3 million project includes a $5.5 million investment from Protein Industries Canada with the other three partners putting in the remaining $9.8 million.

Protein Industries Canada CEO Bill Greuel says Canadian consumers are looking for more plant-based food choices, and they want those choices to be developed sustainably and here in Canada whenever possible.

“Our processors and manufacturers have the innovative mindset and raw resources to do that, but they often need the investment support. Protein Industries Canada is proud to be one of their potential partners in that area, helping to get new plant-based foods—like these seafood alternatives—into grocery stores sooner, providing Canadian families with new choices of healthy, sustainable food options.”

Yves Potvin, CEO of Konscious Foods says the support that Protein Industries Canada has provided has allowed them  to bring their new line of delicious plant-based sushi and onigiri to the grocery freezer aisle.

With several of their seafood alternatives already in Canadian grocery stores, Konscious Foods expects to roll the products out across North American markets.

Further market expansion is expected to occur as both the brand and product line grow.

More information on Konscious Foods and their selection of plant-based seafood alternative products can be found here.