“I wanted to bring my love of spin to Portage!”

This from Maxine Carels, owner of The Studio on Sask – an indoor cycling studio celebrating their Open House from 10am-2pm on both February 10th and 11th at their new location, 1760 Saskatchewan Avenue.

“Spin is a low impact, cardio-focused exercise format that has you breaking a sweat as we race, climb, and ride – all without leaving the room!” reveals Carels. “It’s movement and exercise, but it’s so much more than that, too. With spin class you show up, work as hard as you can, and walk away with an amazing sense of accomplishment.”

Some may wonder how a spin class is different from using a stationary bike at home. Carels shares that while there are many conveniences to cycling alone in your house, the energetic and inclusive atmosphere and community you’ll find at The Studio is irreplaceable.

Riding in The Studio also means that you will benefit from feedback from your instructor in real time. Incorrect form or resistance can lead to injury and at home. There just isn’t that same level of safety that riding in the same room as an instructor who, without singling anyone out, will cue based on what they see to ensure everyone in the room rides safely!

“The cherry on top are the amazing bikes we’ve chosen,” enthuses Carels. “The Stages SC2! Everyone who rides these bikes loves them.”

Classes at The Studio on Sask are offered throughout the week and weekend in formats that vary in duration and intensity. Whatever your fitness level or schedule, they have something for you – including early morning, daytime, and evening classes.

Whether you’ve done zero, 50, or 500 classes, The Studio on Sask strives to make it a place where everyone feels welcome and successful, with every visit.

Carels explains that her team has invested many hours training with AIT Inc. (Authentic Instructor Training), a respected Canadian-owned training program that focuses on rider safety, authenticity, and inclusivity.

“We’re inclusive to all levels of fitness – whether you work out frequently or haven’t been intentionally active for years. Our classes are designed to welcome everyone by encouraging everyone to listen to themselves first, the instructor second, and by celebrating all the successes, recognizing that this will mean something different to each one of our riders.”

Right now, The Studio on Sask is offering hugely discounted prices for those wanting to try it out, and discounts for those who already love spin and want to purchase larger class packages.

Passes are available for purchase on The Studio’s app (stay tuned!), online at thestudioonsask.ca and during scheduled business hours at 1760 Saskatchewan Avenue.

“Classes at The Studio on Sask are mood boosting, cup filling, and community building. You belong here!”

To learn more about The Studio on Sask, attend their Open House from 10am-2pm on both February 10th and 11th. Meet the team in person, take a Studio tour, see how to set up your bike, enter to win multiple prizes (passes and apparel), and take advantage of the pass presale – buy 7 for just $70!

Questions? Reach out over social media @thestudioonsask, call (204) 872-3736, or send an email to contact@thestudioonsask.ca


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