Mothers alike met last week for a night that gave them a blast from the past. 

On April 6th, the William Glesby Centre was packed with around 100 moms enjoying a night to feel like a celebrity in the 'In my Mom Era' Prom.

Melissa Morrison, the Executive Director of the Family Resource Centre, says this was the second year they had organized the event. 

The Director expresses her delight, stating that the event was great for all moms and a significant fundraiser for the Family Resource Centre, contributing to its ongoing initiatives. 

"I love seeing women get a chance to really dress up, let loose, and have fun with their girlfriends. So I would say overall, it was a success for our second year."

She mentions that the feeling in the room was so heartwarming to be a part of. 

"You walk in, and you just feel this excitement, this welcoming feeling. Everyone's so excited that you're there. There was the red carpet, and people were getting their hair and makeup done by Styled With Meraki. We had all our photo booths lined up so people could take awesome pictures with their friends to remember the night." 

She highlights the success of this year's unique theme, 'In my Mom Era,' which takes inspiration from Taylor Swift, and was well-received by all. A fun game was also introduced, adding to the event's excitement. 

"One of our favourite additions this year was I got 50 miniature figurine cats. We hid them everywhere in the venue, and when people found them, they'd bring them to our prize table and get a ballot to nominate someone for prom queen."

With all the table prizes for nominations, Amber Blume was chosen to be this year's Prom queen and was crowned at the event. 

Blume says that she felt very humbled to be prom queen. 

"It was definitely a lot of fun. I totally enjoyed embracing my empowerment era as prom queen, and I'm looking forward to going next year."