MCC Thrift Shop was the scene of a robbery last Wednesday, but the story is more profound than it appears on the surface.

According to the RCMP, the incident occurred just before 9:00 p.m. on August 23, when they received a report of a break-and-enter into MCC.

Police say the suspect used a pipe to break the front door window to enter the business.

The suspect grabbed some items before fleeing the area. A 24-year-old male from Long Plain First Nation was arrested the following day.

Kevin Hamm, General Manager of MCC, illustrates that this is an extra sad story to share as the young man who broke in was someone they had tried to help earlier that day.

"We were just very disappointed because he had been in the store earlier in the day, and we had helped one of his friends who had said they were in need. It's heartbreaking when you try to help people who seem to be struggling, and then next you know, they turn around and do something like this. The door can be repaired, and we can move on from there, but it's just discouraging."

Hamm says that, thankfully, the door frame wasn't damaged, just the glass was broken, and a replacement is coming in the next few weeks.

"No one is immune. You can have security, you can have cameras, you can have quality doors and windows, but there is still a way. It is disheartening sometimes when you see that, as there is too much of that happening in our community right now." 

File Photo.Kevin Hamm, General Manager of MCC.

The General Manager notes that MCC can't thank their donors enough for their continued support.

"While it is disappointing that something like this happens, we are very thankful that people continue to support us, and in so doing, we will continue to support people in need, and hopefully, something like this happens as rarely as possible." 

The suspect was released to appear in court at a later date with imposed conditions.

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