Workers are busy this week as they race the snow to try and get as much done on Saskatchewan Avenue West, in Portage la Prairie.

Director of Operators Jocelyn Lequier-Jobin brings us up to speed. 

"They're rapidly paving on the north lanes. They plan to have everything paved up to 13th St by the end of this week. Then they will be switching over traffic onto the new paved lanes early next week."

She notes they're beginning to run short of their time to get all of the south side done this year.

"That's why we've decided to switch at 13th Street. So, we will be working from 13th Street eastward, and we plan to have all of that area done by the fall, as well. They'll continue doing the north side all the way to 20th St. -- the paving. But the section between 20th and 13th St., we will be leaving that part to do next year."

Lequier-Jobin adds they originally hoped to get all the way to 20th on both sides.

"We weren't able to quite meet that. But we had plans for next year to do from 20th out to the railroad tracks, anyways," says Lequier-Jobin. "So, we're expanding what we're doing next year, but we're still on schedule to have everything complete next summer, which was our plan."

Paving will continue to be done this year toward 20th Street W, while workers simultaneously do excavation work on the south lanes toward the east.

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