Though winter has just begun, Southport is already getting started on preparations for the 2018 Manitoba Airshow.

Southport CEO Peggy May says committees are working on all aspects for an exciting show next year.

"People are talking to a number of local sponsors as well as national sponsors. We're meeting with food vendors to make sure we have a lot of options....some areas for children's activities, bouncy castles and stuff like that. We have a number of committees, one on air operations and facilities and services. We're looking to make it the best yet," says May.

May says they're also working with the Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation to plan roadways and access to the show.

Along with co-chair Peter Fedak of KF Aerospace, May will be heading out of town next month to search for the right airshow acts to entertain us.

"We're all at this conference in Las Vegas on December 4th, 5th and 6th. So as soon as we're able we're going to announce some of the big names that are coming, so we're hoping that week of December to announce some big acts to make people excited about it," May says.

May adds the website is now up and running at as well as their Facebook or Twitter page, to keep us in the loop about the event on July 7th and 8th, 2018.