The town of Treherne will soon have a better water renewal system.

Norfolk-Treherne Reeve Craig Spencer says it's a costly process funded by a small communty grant from the federal and provincial governments.

"Each of those levels of government are going to come up with $733,000 to support what we're calling phase 2 of our water and sewer renewal. The taxpayers, ratepayers will come up with another $733,000. So it is a very expensive project," says Spencer.

Spencer says the project will increase the flow of water of fire hydrants, and possibly link to the hospital if they get the ability to go across certain property.

He notes the Manitoba Water Services Board is spearheading the project, and will act as a general contractor. Spencer adds, though it is expensive, it's much needed.

"Folks did this 50 to 60 years ago for us... today now because of degeneration of lines, its our turn to pay for this, and it'll go on for another generation or two," Spencer says.

With tenders planned to go out soon, Spencer says the project should hopefully be completed by the end of next summer.