The weather seemed to hold up just long enough for the MacGregor Fire Department to hold their annual car wash fundraiser on Saturday, May 28.

Fire Chief Chris Leckie says it was a busy day and the community really pulled through and showed their support. He notes, that while they're still tallying up the exact amount, they already know they've received more than they hoped.

"Well over $1,000 is raised for the event," explains Leckie. "We put it toward future equipment purchases that are required for the Fire Department so we can help people in the municipality."

He says the last purchase that was made with fundraising money was for their water tanker, which cost them $20,000. Price tags like that make fundraisers and community support vital for the department.

He outlines what's next on the agenda in terms of fundraising.

"The next one is called Bull Bash," says Leckie. "We do a bull riding event inside Stride Centre. We did it two years ago and filled it, so we're hoping to do that again."

The Bull Bash is scheduled for June 4th.