'Burger It Forward' is a national program put on by Canada Beef throughout February in response to huge surges of demand from food banks. Food Banks Canada noted that food bank use rose to its highest levels in the country's history, while one third of clients were children.

For every campaign-featured burger purchase at restaurants who are involved, Canada Beef will donate the equivalent of one meal to Food Banks Canada, up to a maximum of 20,000 meals. This is based on the metric of Food Banks Canada where $1 equals two meals.

39 restaurants in Manitoba are involved to help put more protein in the food banks' shelves. One of them is in Portage la Prairie at the Tavern United Canad Inns. 

Food and beverage manager Wesley Huber says Canada Beef donated some of the meat. Every burger in the program purchased will activate a donation to support food bank efforts across the country from Canada Beef. 

"It's going through all of our Taverns," says Huber. "Every Tavern was to make up a burger and we just started to participate in this program. It's to support the food security and community goodwill. Canada beef and regional producers will help beef up the food banks through direct donations." 

He says it's great to be part of such an effort, adding that anything they can do to help Canadians and the community is something they'll do. 

"Every cost is going up, so anything will help, for sure," says Huber. "There are over 200 locations participating in it; it's just not the Tavern. You can also go online, and there's a map where all the burgers are being made."


Their burger is called the 'Fetageta 'Bout It Burger.'

"It's two signature smash patties topped with caramelized tomato, bacon, jam, and feta cheese on a house-made roasted red pepper and Rosemary bun," adds Huber. "Come on down, and order it up. You can go through Skip the Dishes and you can order it online. Let's just all help support this program, for sure."

Manitoba Beef Producers organization is donating $2,000 to Harvest Manitoba.