The Portage Judo Club had several representatives at the Canada National Open Judo Championships.

Head Coach Eric Jenner, along with Jacob Dudgeon-Sykes, Tristan Jenner and Tennyson Verwey, all competed at various levels.

Coach Jenner and Verwey were both unfortunately injured in their first contests, while Tristan Jenner competed in three matches before having to bow out due to injury as well.

Jacob Dudgeon-Sykes had better luck than his compatriots, bringing home a silver medal from the national event.

The coach commented saying all the competitors represented Manitoba very well.

"All athletes out of Portage la Prairie conducted themselves with very high regard and were very respectful throughout the process. They represented Manitoba very well, the reflection of the work they put in is what you saw, in regard to Jacob getting his silver medal."

Jacob adds that the experience was something he won't forget.

"It's a lot bigger than any tournament I've had before. I didn't expect to go to the gold medal match, and there was a viewing area of like, a couple thousand people, I think."

He notes that he appreciates the opportunity to participate and represent his club, how it was an experience that will last a lifetime, and that it wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance and encouragement from his coaches.