It's a name that has been known for decades in Portage and the surrounding area. A name people have trusted for more than 40 years. It's Laramee Enterprises and Rentals and they have now added another name that people have come to trust. Stihl.

Jordan Laramee says that Portage and area have been great to them.

"It's a great community to be a part of. I was born and raised here and have been a part of the business for about 15 years. It started with coming in to help after school. Kevin, my dad started it and brought it to the place that it is today. Over the years we've started to grow it more and more and offer new and more things. Honestly, it has been quite the experience."

Laramee Enterprises has built its business on customer satisfaction by offering quality products backed by rock-solid service, something a familiar name, Stihl has done as well. Laramee's recently added that name to their lineup and it has been received very well. A quick look at their website reveals close to 20 different Stihl products available at the store - everything from lawnmowers to chainsaws to wet/dry vacuums.

Larammee says the sales piece is big for them but the rental portion of the company remains huge.

"The main part of our business is our rental company. We rent anything a homeowner or industrial company may need. Tools, big pieces of equipment, skid steers to do a job around the yard, or something a big contractor may need like a telehandler to move some steel on a site. We've got a lot of items to make people's lives easier. Things they may only need once or twice and things many people may not want to buy. You may need a chainsaw to cut a tree down, but that's it. We have you covered. We have everything to bridge the gap for people so they don't have to go out and buy it, they can just come and rent it right when they need it"

a rental piece at Laramee's

Repairs are another part of Laramee's. Their service technicians can handle everything from maintenance to minor issues to major overhauls. Laramee comments that the team is always staying up to date on the latest technology.

"Every year we do service update schools for all the companies that we deal with. Husqvarna, Stihl and more. We know the products we have and if we don't know, we have great product support behind us that we can call"  

In the end, Laramee says it all comes down to customer service.

"We like seeing people here and we like people walking through the door. We've been here in the community for over 43 years and we get to know our customers and try to take care of them. Everything from the small stuff to the big stuff. We pride ourselves on being honest, and reasonable. We just want to ensure that we're doing the best that we can for the customer. We base our product on what we know people want. We try to make sure they buy the right tool for what they're doing. We just make sure that the people have all the information in their hands so that they can make their own decision."

The right outdoor power equipment makes yard work much easier and less time-consuming. At Laramee Enterprises, you'll find a large selection of blowers, mowers, grills, and much more. Some of the quality brands they offer include Husqvarna, Traeger, and Simplicity. Open Monday to Friday from 8 to 5 and Saturday from 9 until noon, they are ready to help you with all your needs.

Check out their website here.