Need gravel? Mulch? Soil? Landscaping material is essential to almost any outdoor transformation. And while it may seem like a simple job, it can take days and an entire team to move it in.

When you need the job done quickly and precisely, Blayne Lounsbury at Accurate Slinging in Treherne is your guy.

Blayne started Accurate Slinging at the beginning of spring 2023, happy to show off the magic of his new gravel truck.

But, this gravel truck is more than meets the eye. No – it’s not a transformer – but, as Blayne explains, it’s still pretty awesome.

“It has a live bottom conveyor belt system on it, and I'm able to place the material right off the truck wherever the customer wants it,” he says.

Normally, when people buy landscaping materials such as gravel or mulch, everything is dumped into a pile in one spot, meaning you need skid steers, wheelbarrows, and a whole crew to get the material where it needs to go.

However, with this slinger’s 100-foot range, Blayne can get the material exactly – accurately! – where you want it.

“I can sling any material up to three inches diameter from stone to mulch, topsoil, pea gravel for septic tanks, or anything like that,” he explains, “Or else, if someone just wants the material in a pile, I can do anything up to 8 inches in diameter.”

With a 30-cubic-yard box, the slinger can carry around 10 to 12 yards of materials at once.

But that’s not all this transformer – er – slinger truck, can do. It has a unique system called Ground Drive, which is a remote-control function that allows the operator to control the entire truck from the ground.

“I can stand out where the guys are, they can show me where they want the material, and I just swing the belt…back and I'm able to shoot it up to 100-feet away from the truck,” says Blayne.

“It just makes everything a little more efficient,” he adds.

And, of course, less costly, both in time and money. Just a quick rake and a couple finishing details, and you’re done!

Blayne and Accurate Slinging are already up and running and are excited to show people what a difference the slinger can make!

Commercial or residential, get a hold of Blayne to start transforming your space. Call 204-526-0808, or visit the Accurate Slinging Facebook page.


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