The Junk Yard Dogs were planning a fundraising social for this Saturday, but they have decided to move it to the spring.

Natasha Ralph is a member on the committee and says they decided to schedule a time that would be more convenient for the community.

"We realize there's a lot of events happening right now in town, and we don't want people to have to pick and choose what to support," says Ralph. "We've just moved it to April 15th and hopefully that will be a good day for everyone to work with."

It has been a successful fundraising campaign so far, as the group continues to upgrade the biking paths and other areas on the south end of the city.

"Well, stage one of the project was to repair the dump hill, the toboggan run, so that's already been done," says Ralph. "With the fundraising so far, we've raised $361,000.00 for the project, which is very good."

You can read more about what the Junk Yard Dogs are up to by clicking here.

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