The Portage District General Hospital Foundation received a generous donation this past week. Executive Director Erin Miller says the Portage Health Auxiliary recently disbanded after more than a hundred years in existence, noting the group decided to take what was left in their bank account and donate the entire amount to support the heliport being built at the Portage Hospital. Miller says the cheque the Foundation received was in the amount of $24,738.90. She notes over the years the Portage Health Auxiliary has donated thousands and thousands of dollars worth of equipment to the hospital, adding this group of ladies is once again being exceptionally generous with their support.

Miller says the Foundation is hoping their lottery for the heliport will sell out but notes even if that happens they are still over budget by approximately 50 to 75 thousand dollars. She adds they hope once the lottery sells out they'll receive a few more donations before construction begins on the heliport.