Now that Dennis Meeches is no longer the chief of Long Plain First Nation, he's very excited to see where the first nation goes from here.

Meeches says Long Plain First Nation is in the best position it's ever been in.

"There are lots of opportunities. There's a lot of projects that are on the table that will start this spring," continues Meeches. "For example, an $11 million Education and Wellness project, and expansion at the Long Plain School. We're looking at about a $10 million water treatment upgrade, but I think the engineering and architectural design will happen this year and the work will commence the following year. We do have a $6.5 million commercial project slated for Keeshkeemaquah. We have the grand opening of the Windham Garden on August the 4th, but it should have a soft opening in July."

He notes if a good council is in place and they listen to their financial management teams and their senior managers, they'll do well.

"To a degree, we need to make sure we continue the good work that's that's been undertaken," adds Meeches. "And I have to thank the administration that I've worked with throughout the years. We did a lot of great things for Long Plain First Nation. But there's still a lot of work to do. It never really ends."

Kyra Wilson was elected to be the new chief for Long Plain First Nation. PortageOnline will be in touch with her shortly.