Manitoba Natural Resources and Northern Development and Manitoba Agriculture are looking into possible cases of avian flu in wild birds in the province.

Cases of H5N1 have been located in multiple provinces and U.S. States, including directly south of Manitoba in North Dakota. Samples throughout the province are currently being tested for traces of the flu.

Luckily, this strain does not pose a food safety risk, and the risk of avian flu to humans is low. Manitoba eggs and poultry are still safe to eat as long as proper cooking and handling take place.

There are no known instances of humans contracting the flu from birds.

People are asked to contact the toll-free TIP Line at 1-800-782-0076, if they find any of the following:

  • clusters of six or more dead waterfowl (e.g., ducks, geese) or other water birds;
  • any number of dead raptors or avian scavengers (e.g., ravens, crows, gulls); and
  • large groups of dead birds, such as more than 20 of any species.