If you are struggling with late fees at the Portage la Prairie Regional Library, a solution is here this week. The third annual Food for Fines event will kick off on May 3, and continue until May 10.

In that period any interested individuals can go down to the library and donate food to receive amnesty on fines. The items donated will be going to stock the shelves at the Salvation Army Portage la Prairie Food Bank. 

Director of the Portage Library, Jen Kendall, explains the appeal of the program.

"It's a win-win, they help stock the local food bank and they'll get a clean slate. Even if people don't have any fees, they can still help by donating food, and their contribution will be used to pay it forward. In order to help reduce fines for other library members who need a little extra help. We invite people to stop by the library between the May 3 and next Friday, the 10 to fight hunger and keep the community reading."

Last year, the library was able to forgive 881 days worth of overdue fines, and they hope to break that record this year. The director shares what items can be donated.

"Canned foods are always good, peanut butter, tuna and sources of protein are under-donated. Other things, like baby formula or menstrual products, are usually very welcome because there are things that people can't necessarily afford, and they're priced out of those items. If we're able to get those for the food bank, it would be amazing."

Each donated item will forgive $5 of fees, totalling $50 per person.