Dakota Tipi First Nation saw a major highlight take place in 2022 when Dennis Pashe was elected as Chief in August. Pashe had previously been Chief between 1978 until 2002. 

He shares he's been working at bringing a reset to the First Nation.

"We learned of a lot of issues that we have in the community -- a lot of challenges," says Pashe. "We're preparing our plan to deal with from community infrastructure and community needs. We're trying to deal with the alcohol and mostly drug issue that we have out here. We're having some success with that. We're moving forward to advance our Dakota land rights issues regarding any projects that are happening, and agreed to assert and exert our rights." 

Looking ahead, Pashe says 2023 will include meeting their housing needs as well as infrastructure.

"Rebuild the water treatment plant, rebuilding houses, homes, and repairing homes," adds Pashe. "We're still in the process of identifying our needs that are seriously under-funded by the Federal Government. And we'll be pushing that with the funding bodies as well."

Pashe says they want to continue pushing their agenda to the Federal Government in terms of basic needs like water and sanitation.

"We also have a big land issue here that has not been dealt with in the past and all the issues of neglect in the past," continues Pashe. "We're going to deal with them head-on, trying to resolve them. I'm looking for partnerships, as well, client opportunities, and business opportunities with any developments in the region, whether it be hydro or any projects that are happening."

Pashe says, all in all, they're moving forward in all of these areas to make life better in their First Nation for everyone.