Thanks to a 10-year-old Portager, people heading onto Crescent Lake learning to skate will have some help.

Chase Finnie, and his dad Jason, have created some skate aides that you can use.

"It all started when Jan from Tornado's asked my dad to build two of these," says Chase. "I was doing nothing when he was doing it, so I decided to build one while he built the other one."

Two skating aides

Chase has been described by his parents as 'mechanically inclined'.

"To build it, you have to have a couple pieces of three quarter copper pipe, and one or two hours," says Chase.

His mom Rachelle says he'll need to make some time in the not too distant future as he has offered to fix the pipes under their camper. She says he's always been a hard-working farm kid and both of his parents are very proud.