Business owners struggling with mental health issues might feel like there's nobody to turn to, which has led Kennedy Hardinge to create a new event to prove that's not the case.

The Entrepreneur Mental Health Association will be holding its first event on October 6th at the William Glesby Centre. Hardinge, founder of the association, says they'll be working with other organizations which will set up tables with information to promote mental health.

"We partnered with Community Futures Heartland and White Horse Plains. It's going to be an evening like a Ted Talk event," explains Hardinge. "I started this idea late last year and started to put the groundwork in earlier this year."

She notes that two speakers are from Manitoba, with the third flying from Ontario. Some topics that will be covered will include work-life balance, dealing with your mental health as an entrepreneur, and more.

"This is our big event where we'll be fundraising for our nonprofit," says Hardinge. "We'll then be able to provide future support and resources for business owners that may be struggling with their mental health challenges, as well to educate aspiring entrepreneurs that want to open up their own business."

To learn more about the event and buy tickets, click here.

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