Jennifer Hyra, a Disability Case Coordinator at Southern Health-Santé Sud(RHA), recently received an award from her peers.  

"I found out the day before, so it was exciting," Hyra notes. "It was a little bit of a shock, but it was nice to have that recognition. It's an award where you're nominated by your peers. So, that felt very good to be recognized by them. I have a really great team behind me." 

She has been in the safety and health field for 25 years, with her current role for the last year-and-a-half. She moved to Portage three years ago and commuted for a while but was grateful to find a job in the community. She expresses gratitude to Portage for its convenience and great community feel. 

"I've always worked and believed in work was just to establish relationships," Hyra explains. "I think that's really important. My advice for anybody else would be just to work hard on their relationships that you have at work, helping others and volunteering where others were in need." 

Looking ahead, Hyra aims to maintain her strong relationships at work and continue her dedication. She emphasizes the importance of building and nurturing workplace relationships, a principle she has always followed. 


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