Whether you’re prototyping a new idea, crafting, curious about the machinery, or are a small-scale manufacturer, the Portage Innovation Centre welcomes you!

The Portage Innovation Centre (PIC) is an affordable innovation hub for new entrepreneurs and innovators located at the Red River College Portage la Prairie campus. The PIC has desk spaces for budding young entrepreneurs and innovators, along with a reception area, and a shared meeting space.

This is also the home of Portage la Prairie’s only FABLAB, which provides access to tools such as 3D printers, a laser engraver-cutting machine, a sewing machine, a Cricut 3 Maker, and a commercial printer. Beyond access to expensive equipment, users will also benefit from networking and mentorship opportunities, feedback from other makers, business support, credibility, and exposure.

The purpose of this Centre is to provide a dedicated space and initiative to foster and support innovation within the community of Portage la Prairie. The PIC exists to promote a community of creativity, help drive research and innovation, encourage collaboration, and provide space for experimentation. It also grants innovators a platform where they can showcase their creations!

Beyond machinery, the PIC connects innovators to partnering law firms, accounting firms, real estate agencies, banking experts, government agencies, employment consultants, and business mentors to help them gain the expertise needed. Entrepreneurs and innovators will also rub shoulders with RRC students enrolled in the Business Administration program, Business Accounting and Management program, and Administrative Assistant program.

With this collaboration and exchange of knowledge comes opportunity. Here, entrepreneurs and innovators will form connections with individuals boasting fresh knowledge in business. This may lead to business opportunities for both. Additionally, the benefit to Red River College students is the chance to see and work within an organizational structure, and experience innovation and entrepreneurship firsthand.

Access to the PIC is available to all guests (not just Red River College students) for only $50 per month, plus the cost of all materials used.

Visitors can find the PIC in room B-09 at Red River College. For more information about the Portage Innovation Centre, stop by the Red River College Polytech Portage office, or call 204-856-1914.

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