The municipality of Norfolk Treherne is working on solving a brown water issue for two properties located in the town of Treherne.

Reeve Gilles Guertin says a couple of years ago, the municipality's council at that time, hired an engineer to find out where the water was being contaminated.

"There were some things that were done," says Reeve Guertin. "A readjustment of the amount of permanganate that is put through the system, as well as changing some valves. That was all done. We ended up having to clean the reservoirs, which basically, were coated with manganese."

A survey was issued in March 2020 and 115 residents responded. The results showed 11 per cent experienced brown water daily, 24 per cent experienced brown water 2-3 times a week, while 40 per cent experienced it occasionally. Only 25 per cent had never experienced brown water.

While the situation has certainly improved, Reeve Guertin says they are not done.

"Regardless, we still have two properties in one corner of Treherne where there is a fairly high concentration, still of brown water," says Guertin. "We're trying to figure out the issues."

JR Cousin Consultants presented the Town of Treherne Brown Water Assessment Report at their recent meeting. You can read it here.