École Crescentview School had a leprechaun loose in its halls and classrooms today, and students set out to track him down.

Principal Tracy Vanstone says students got to apply their tradition of building structures in their hunt for the rascal.

"And one of the structures they built is a leprechaun trap," notes Vanstone. "They were excited all week about the design process, using their artistic skills, their science skills, and their math skills to construct traps. And, lo and behold, we did not catch the leprechaun once again this year. However, we found a huge mess that the leprechaun made in many of our classrooms."

She explains the kids were quite excited, or perhaps more frustrated and angry about the leprechaun's mess. 

"Even the leprechaun got a hold of the sound system," continues Vanstone. "Instead of playing, Oh, Canada, played a leprechaun jig dance. So, we had to get that fixed. It was lots of fun, and the kids have done scavenger hunts throughout the school. They've been working hard on setting their traps with no luck, unfortunately. But we're all dressed in green today and we're celebrating a little bit of Irish tradition."

Vanstone says the trap designs were left up to the students as part of teaching them science and critical thinking. They had to come up with the materials to be used and produce some sort of mechanism that they deemed suitable for catching a little leprechaun. 

Joelle is one of the students at Crescentview and describes their scavenger hunt.

"We found the first note in our classroom," says Joelle. "It said to look under our chairs. We looked under our chairs, but it was only under one chair. It said to go to the gym. At the gym, it said for us to go to the multi-purpose room."

Eventually, the notes led them to the library where they found a black pot of gold-wrapped chocolate coins in a cabinet.