Portage la Prairie city manager Nathan Peto was presented a 10-year municipal service pin awarded by the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators by the National Organization of Senior Municipal Administrators. It's recognition of the anniversary of his managerial line of work in Portage and Brandon. and accompanied a letter to the mayor and a pin. 

Peto shares that he's definitely enjoying his career in Portage.

"I find it very engaging and rewarding, and the first 10 years went by very fast," says Peto. "I'm sure the next 10 will as well. The great thing about being a municipal administrator or a city manager is just the ability to work for your community in your community. I find that just very rewarding."

He notes a couple of highlights during his time here so far. 

"Obviously, there's been some really big news on the economic development front that have been really, really enjoyable. Also, even things some of the emergencies we faced, and we came together as a team," says Peto in referring to the 2019 ice storm. "We've had recent reminders of that, but even recently with how our team came together to deal with some of the snowstorms throughout this year. My time in Portage has been very enjoyable working with this council and working in this community, so I'm very thankful for it."