The Ultimate 90 Hole Golf Marathon is approaching Portage la Prairie on June 21st. 

Dedicated golfer, Preston Meier shares he is looking forward to this awaited day. Although the option to golf 90 holes with a group of golfers is available, Meier says he will take on the challenge of golfing those holes all by himself. 

“I try to do four or five rounds in a week, but it is a challenge for a single day. The last time, it took 12 hours. We got the 90 holes done, and I still remember how I felt after. It was a great experience and a rewarding day.” 

He notes he is glad he can help the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Plains (BBBS), as they have been an integral part of our community for the past 50 years. Meier adds he wants to build off that community spirit; so that the golf-filled excursion will be remembered throughout Portage. 

“It's important to realize the programming and their impact on our community. Anything I can do to help support that or if anybody else out there can, let's band together, let's see what we can do to ensure their event is successful.” 

Meier comments he hopes other people in the community can take on the challenge of the 90 holes, as it will be a great day to support, rain or shine. Golfers can register in groups of two, five, or solo. Although there are solo golfers, Meier highlights it’s a group effort. 

“In past years, there have been other golfers that did the 90 holes too. We were a team; it was just a blast of a day. There were many people out and about. So, this year, let's come together for one day and help the organization. Just have a lot of fun and enjoy the weather.” 

Meier says he will be sharing his scores throughout the day, so make sure to follow the day of golf. Anyone can come out to show their support for BBBS and enjoy some golf, Meier notes he is hoping for a good turnout at this year’s Ultimate 90 Hole Golf Marathon.