One of Portage's own will be singing us a tune this weekend when the Central Manitoba Youth Choir comes to town.  

According to one of the local members, Tiarra Yanchuck, the choir's purpose is to bring together some of the finest high school singers in the region. She says that she is so thankful to be a part of this group and is so excited for the upcoming tour. 

"It is so fun! The community and fellowship that you get through choir is so awesome." 

Yanchuck says that the selection process is a great way to see how well you would do in a under the pressure situation. 

"You have to audition at the beginning of May, if they like you they take you. From there you have your two choir camps and then you memorize the songs with a lot of practice. Then, we are ready for tour."

She also notes that being in such a prestigious group takes a lot of practice.

"We get rehearsal tracks which we practice when we are not at the camp. In the two weekends of camp, we practice for about twenty hours. After those we just listen to the tracks until tour."

The group will be coming to Portage on Monday, October 17. The show will be held at Portage Collegiate Institute 9:30 am. 

Along with coming to Portage they will also be going to: 

- Morden Mennonite Church
- Northlands Parkway Collegiate in Winkler
- École Morden Middle School
-, Morden Friendship Centre
- Manitou Opera House
- Buhler Active Living Centre
- Emmanuel Mennonite Church
- Cornerstone Ministries Church 
- Cypress River United Church
- Austin Evangelical Fellowship Church in Austin 
- Sanford Collegiate in Sanford 

To learn more about the Manitoba Youth Choir you can click here