With school being back in session for about a month now, and flu season now approaching, the Portage la Prairie School Division is now looking for more spare bus drivers.  

Shelley Anderson, Supervisor of Transportation, says that after two years of not needing as many bus drivers, there is a shortage of spare bus drivers. She notes that they are needed if one of the regular bus drivers get sick. She says that spare bus drivers are just as crucial as the usual drivers.   

"They're very important to cover routes for drivers when they're off sick or have a medical leave or bereavement time off, and also to accommodate field trips for school students and sports trips for the team."  

Anderson notes that not just any one can become a bus driver. There is a certain skill set that is needed.   

"There's a training program that we offer here that you have to go through to get to your Class 2 license and your school bus endorsement. You have to like working with kids. You have to like driving a big vehicle in all sorts of weather and road conditions." 

She mentions that even though they have a shortage of spare bus drivers, condensing the routes is not an option.   

"Our routes are fairly lengthy and time-consuming. The students are already getting on the bus early. If we started condensing routes, then students would have to get on even earlier. Our goal is always to have shorter bus rides if possible."  

Anderson concludes with if anyone wants is interested in becoming a bus driver all they need to do is contact her at (204) 857-5841 ext. 2.