There's a lot of optimism in the bison industry right now with strong and stable prices.

The Canadian Bison Association held its 34th Annual Convention this past weekend in Regina.

Executive Director Terry Kreminuk says this year’s theme was “Centuries of Bison – 150 Years as a Country”.

"You know, all through the Canadian bison industry is relatively new in this country they have roamed the plains of North America for centuries," he said. "They certainly are an important part, of our history and it's a very successful story about Bison, and recognizing they were nearing extinction in the late 1800's."

Kreminuk notes that other countries also hold a growing market potential for us.

"The European Union and Switzerland are also strong markets for the bison industry," he said. "We expect them to get stronger, with the agreement, and the removal of the 20 percent tariff on bison exported to the European Union."