Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Plains recently opened their doors to the community for an open house event. Executive Director, Dawn Froese welcomed visitors, saying the event was all about reconnecting and sharing the organization's plans. 

“We are restarting the in-school mentoring and the after-school mentoring programs.” Froese explained, “We have this open house to invite the community, our donors, our partners. Our mentors, our families, to just stop by connect after the summer.” 

The turnout was fantastic, with people pouring in throughout the day. Dawn Froese noted the highlight of the day. 

“Talking to some of our past mentors who came, who haven't been mentoring for a while,” Froese said. “Listening to the stories that they had and the things that they remember about being a Big Sister and a Big Brother and just sharing stories.” 

If you're interested in becoming a mentor, they're open to all time commitments. Just give them a call - no commitment is needed for an initial chat. Your support can truly make a difference in a young person's life. 


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