The Portage la Prairie Planning District released permit numbers for the month of March. 14 permits were issued worth 5.27 million dollars.

The bulk of that money is due to two new commercial permits valued at a total of 4.25 million.

"One being, for the city of Portage la Prairie's utility maintenance building, the total there was $3,944,000," says General Manager Lynn Anderson

There were three commercial repairs valued at 132-thousand.
On the residential side, there was one new single worth 189-thousand and one repair for 45-thousand. On the industrial side, there was one repair for 650-thousand.

For the year, the planning district has issued 36 permits worth 6.329 million, which is down a bit from last year. By the end of March 2021, 60 permits were issued worth 7.983 million.

"It could be just because of the way the weather is this year," says Anderson. "We don't have any concerns though. In time, it's going to all catch up and we're going to be right back on top."

Anderson adds that they are optimistic about the number of permits so far, and 2022 is likely to be another busy, successful year.

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