The MacGregor Fire Department is always in need of more funds and will once again run its annual Duck Race. Fire Chief Chris Leckie says it's their third edition put on by the MacGregor Hotel.

"They're the big ones that started all this with us," says Leckie. "What we do is release ducks down the creek. And the first one that makes it to the end of the course is the winner of the race. All the proceeds go to the MacGregor Fire Department from this event. And we appreciate that" 

He notes they're available at the MacGregor Hotel where you can call and your name will be placed on a duck.


The "race" takes place this weekend and it has proved popular in the past. 

"Saturday at 2:00 in the afternoon is our plan. We use the ditch there by the hotel. Ducks are going pretty fast, so people are running out of time to get in on the action.

Leckie says each race has raised over a $1000 for the fire department and they use the funds to increase their capabilities by purchasing extra equipment for the fire department. 

He thanks the MacGregor Hotel for their support over the past few years and says they have been incredible and a huge supporter of the fire department.