The RM of Portage la Prairie approved the purchase of a new 2024 Kubota L3092 tractor for Delta Beach at this past week's council meeting.

Ward 3 Councillor Ryan Kontzie assures the community that this purchase will significantly improve the RM's financial outlook in the long run, as previously, they were leasing a machine.

"We decided it was better to purchase a tractor to use there during the summer and perhaps other locations during the winter months."

The purchase was $36,462.39 for the RM, but having their own tractor was necessary at this point, according to Kontzie.

"The lease payments were getting higher and higher per year, and certain guidelines and hours, as well as warranty and repair issues, were getting more financially binding. So, we thought it was better to own the tractor ourselves. And we thought it was better in that direction."

Kontzie adds that the Kubota will help the Delta campground activities and maintenance. In winter, it will be repurposed for another use in another part of the RM.

"Good for the RM to own the machinery. That way, we can control it better throughout the year."