The fishermen are out at Delta Beach this week, north of Portage la Prairie. It's a well-known location of avid enthusiasts and those involved say the fish is always quite plenteous.

Dmitry Shcherbakov travels out from Winnipeg and came for his third visit this season on Monday. 

"Usually, once a year, it's enough. Today we got some carp and silver bass. Drum is the more common name here. It's the fish that we hook, and we like it. It's a good day today. I saw some other guys, they got a couple of pickerel. This place is known as a good place for fishing."

Fred Wright is also visiting from Winnipeg and says they usually come out a couple of times a year.

"It's good fishing. There are nice pickerel. There's lots of carp and drum, and I keep throwing them back. Everybody else seems to keep them, but I throw them back. They're not to my taste. I've been coming here three or fours years, I think. The marina was built the second time I was out here, so it hasn't been that long."

FRED WRIGHTSome pickerel Fred Wright hooked

He notes the marina is nice and well-kept. 

"The grass is always clean. The guy's always out there cleaning. He was walking around with a bag picking up all the garbage that people seem to  like to leave."

Some fish caught this past MondaySome fish caught this past Monday

Mark Mariano was out with his family from Kola. 

"For this fishing year, we've been here twice already. This is my third time here in the Portage area, in this particular place. There's a lot of fish yeah; nice size. And the kids were just enjoying it here because you know the abundance of fish here is crazy. I catch carp, drum, or bass. Some of the guys here are catching walleyes and pickerel. We usually go for walleye and bass. But the carp; we just let it go or give it to our friends that like it."

MarkMark Mariano and his son enjoying the day

The Sheila and Rick Henderson Marina is east of the intersection that meets you when you enter the community and is 'the' great spot in Delta Beach for fishing.