The 28th annual Portage la Prairie and District Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament for Portage la Prairie is coming up quickly! Executive director Stefanie Dunn is getting the word out now.

After nine months of having been selected for the role of executive director for the Portage and District Chamber of Commerce, Stefanie Dunn says she's been enjoying it to the utmost. She says she's experienced a steep learning curve. 

"Particularly when we talk about politics, policy, and the economy," explains Dunn "But it's been a welcome challenge and I'm certainly enjoying becoming more educated. It is my first time planning a golf tournament, but golf is certainly not foreign to me. I love the sport. I used to work on golf courses, so I'm pretty excited to be behind the helm of this one. It's our 28th annual, which is pretty exciting to have that kind of legacy, especially in a long-standing event. We're doing things just a bit differently this year. There's not going to be a dinner afterward. Instead, we're doing a networking lunch beforehand."

She adds you're then directed to the clubhouse where a barbecue is cooking hamburgers, and chicken and there are also a couple of salads. Dunn says there's also a Caesar bar where you make your own salad with special garnishes. 

"Then it's a shotgun start at 1:00 p.m.; a scramble-style tournament. You really just need one good player on your team to carry you through. Certainly, we want our members to come out and we want to allow them to network and talk with like-minded people in the community, but it is open to anyone. If you're someone who is a young professional, someone who has ideas of entrepreneurship, or if you're just someone who likes golf, we are registering people in teams of four."

StefStefanie Dunn

She notes it's all about getting connected with people in the community, noting sports really does bring people together, especially when there's the opportunity to laugh about some of those golf shots, whether they're good or bad. 

"People can call or text me at 857-7778. Pop us a message on social media or certainly e-mail me and I'll chat about the details, get you the registration and sponsorship form if that tickles your fancy. To get the golf course numbers in terms of food and stuff like that, as well, ideally 18 teams is the correct number; one for each hole. There is the opportunity to double-up on certain holes, but it is limited room because of the golf course."

Dunn says becoming a chamber member offers many perks, including affinity, discounts on shipping, gas, and on point-of-sale systems. 

"Obviously, we do lots of advocacy work and provide you some networking opportunities."

The event takes place on May 16.