Youth for Christ: Youth Unlimited executive director Art Schroeder says the last year was a good one for YFC. 

Schroeder notes they held several programs and events throughout the year and shared what their main family-focused events were.

"We had a lot of programs that were running out of our Door location and out of The Factory location as well."

"We also did three big events that we typically do. During March break, [we have} our Family Fun Day, in the summer, we do our carnival and, in the winter, close to Christmas, we do our pizza/pool party."

Schroeder notes these events are not just to get the kids out but also to engage with the entire family.

When looking at some of their upcoming fundraisers, he said one of the ones coming up very soon was the annual hockey clash, held at Stride Place.

"We're going to have it on Saturday, February 24th." Emphasizing last year's success, Schroeder shared, "Last year, we had 10 teams and brought in just over $40,000, and we're hoping to do similar to that again this year."

Schroeder then went on to explain where their fundraising goes. "The fundraising that we do is put back into the community, We use the funds to connect with and build into the lives of the youth that we work with."

Schroeder added that they are always looking for volunteers and if you are interested in working with them, to call their office (204) 239-6763.