It was a wild and wacky weekend for weather throughout the area.

Environment and Climate Change Canada issued a tornado warning Saturday evening, that effected areas like Stonewall, Warren, and Gimli.

The notification was sent around 6:50. Some activity on social media showed storm chasers were in the area checking out the "rotating wall clouds". One chaser noted a supercell near Argyle that, quote, "got about as close as it does to producing a tornado without producing".

Last night, warnings were issued for severe thunderstorms. 7.5 millimetres of rain was recorded at the Southport weather station, while some campers at Miller's Campground Resort reported about 10 to 15 minutes of heavy rain with marble-sized hail. 

The severe storm warnings have ended for now, but there is a risk of another thunderstorm throughout the day and into the evening tonight. We will keep you posted.