The Crescent Lake Kayak Dock has opened to the public for another year.

Portage la Prairie Mayor Sharilyn Knox is excited about locals and visitors from across Manitoba using the dock.

"We really love our lake," she smiled. "Whenever outsiders come to Portage la Prairie to visit, they talk about this lake, and they just can't get over what a gem we have here in our community."

Knox, a kayaker herself, encourages everyone who has yet to try canoeing, rafting, stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking to step out and give it a go.

"I think it's a little bit intimidating at first because it's a small boat, but I think with this waterway that we have, it's often very calm, and it's a great place for beginner kayakers to get out and give it a try."

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The accessibility of the dock is something that Knox points to as one of the reasons she loves this resource in Portage.

"With the launch lifts on the side, it makes it easy. You put your kayak in, you sit in it, you feel stable, and then you can pull yourself out to the water, which makes it great for people, and especially beginners."

The Portage Mayor says that the City of Possibilities is quickly becoming a tourism hub with attractions like this.

"Tourism is the fastest growing in our province in all of Canada, and so people finding out about things like this and utilizing our lake is very important. We are the Island on the Prairies, so we need to capitalize on that." 

Kayak rentals at Stride Place will start on June 1.