With COVID-19 restrictions waning, tourists are slowly starting to come back to Portage, and the Portage Regional Economic Development (PRED) wants to make sure the city is as ready for them as it can be.

Executive director Eve O'Leary says the community has been phenomenal when it comes to supporting the city's tourism programs. She goes into detail on one of the programs that brought people to Portage to enjoy some local food.

"(People are) supporting our local tourism initiatives such as Poutine Days and Burger Days," explains O'Leary. "We're so grateful, the Portage Regional Tourism Committee and PRED are so excited that our community supports tourism so well."

She adds that the best thing to do for the tourism sector in Portage is to explore your own backyard. That means going to places such as visiting the Island and continuing to support local restaurants. 

"We've launched '100 things to do in Portage la Prairie,'" says O'Leary. "I would encourage everybody to try and check off those 100 things and that's on our website."

Looking ahead, O'Leary is ecstatic for the second rendition of Poutine Days, since the previous food-based weeks had injected over $300,000 into local restaurants.

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