After his first month living in Portage, Rotary exchange student Mykola is excited to continue ticking off the activities on his Canadian bucket list.

Throughout his time in Portage, he's been to a Terrier game, travelled to a national park, tried his hand at cross-country skiing, and spent time travelling around the province. He says there are still many experiences and activities he'd like to try out before returning to Ukraine in August.

"One of the main things I want to see in Canada is the Northern Lights," notes Mykola. "I heard a lot about it but have never seen it before. Everyone told me about this like it's magic in the sky."


When he first arrived in Canada, Mykola was warned by nearly everyone about the cold weather. Mykola says he must have gotten lucky, as sometimes, being outside can even be hotter than staying indoors.

"People here are more polite and friendly than in my country," explains Mykola. "They really enjoy spending time with other people. If I ask if I've forgotten something, they'll always remind me. They're really kind people."

One thing that Mykola found shocking was how much time we spend in our cars travelling from Portage to the surrounding towns and cities.

"It's interesting that the car can be a second home for a lot of people," says Mykola. "It's a good country for travelling and spending a good time."

Throughout the rest of his time in Canada, Mykola hopes to explore different provinces, mentioning the mountains in British Columbia as a dream destination.