The calendar has flipped to spring, but Mother Nature has had other plans to this point.

PortageOnline caught up with a few people from around the area to see how they are feeling about the slow transition from winter weather to spring.

Jake, a resident of Portage la Prairie, says he can't wait for things to dry up, so he can get back on the golf course.

"I know there have been some years where on April 1st, I've been out playing on some courses, so it doesn't look like we're going to get that this year," he continues. "The sooner spring comes, the better, for sure."

The Portager adds that while he doesn't hate the winter, he wishes it didn't last as long as it has this year.

Over in Elie, Loghan reacts to the below-normal temperatures we have been experiencing.

"I'm not too worried about it," he continues. "I like warm weather, but not too warm. You know, when it's pushing +25, it's a little too warm for me. I like the fall. That's a good season for me."

Angus travels through Portage for work and explains that he tried to leave for his job the other day, only to be rudely surprised by how cold the wind was.

"I already put my winter gear away, and now I have to bring it out again," he says with a thorn in his side. "I love going ice fishing and enjoy doing all that good stuff in the winter. But you know, there's nothing better than a Manitoba summer."

Environment and Climate Change Canada's forecast shows that the weather is expected to get slightly warmer over the next few days than we have been going through. However, they are still projecting lower-than-normal temperatures for this time of year, fueling Manitobans' fire with their love/hate relationship with winter.