Farmers continue to roll right through the harvest despite minor rain delays.

The winter cereal harvest is nearing completion in the province with 93 per cent of the winter wheat and fall rye now in the bin.

Provincial pulse specialist Dennis Lange puts together Manitoba's Weekly Crop Report.

He says with the winter cereals wrapping up farmers have moved into the spring cereals.

"Ranging from 23 per cent complete in spring wheat to 21 per cent complete in oats, and barley is around 26 per cent complete. So rolling in there kind of nicely, just kind of getting going. "

He says for spring wheat probably the biggest thing that we're seeing this year is variability depending on where you are and where you captured rainfall.

"On some of the spring wheats in the central region that didn't get any rainfall, they were in that 20 to 30 bushel range. But areas that did get rainfall and caught some rains they are in the 60 to 70 and sometimes may be a little higher. The oats yields have been kind of all over the board as well. So you know in the dry regions 60 to 70 and then in areas that got more moisture yields are over 100 bushels an acre."

The field peas harvest is also advancing with about 69 per cent of the crop complete around the province.

Lange says for the most part most areas are in that 60 to 70 per cent complete range, with the northwest a little further behind at 50 per cent complete.

"I've been hearing some reasonably good numbers for field peas,  averaging 45 to 55 bushels an acre in the southwest,  and 60 to 70 bushels an acre in the central region."

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