It's the 25th year of giving for the North-Norfolk Christmas Cheer Board.

Naomi Zacharias is speaking on behalf of the board and says it was primarily started by Barb Hodge.

She says they do what they can to keep the good times going.

"Every year, we get together hampers for anybody who applies and we put together gifts for any of the children that they have," says Zacharias. "We know the ages of the children, but we don't know who we are packing the hamper for. We get the hamper completely ready. There's pretty much everything you need for a Christmas meal in there. Some extras, some hygiene items, and then toys for your kids."

She says they hand out about 50 hampers each year, but that number can fluctuate.

"We're always looking for donations," says Zacharias. "It's one of those things where we'll often get some people putting their applications in a little bit late, so it's always really good if people just keep donating as they see things that they think people may like."

Zacharias notes they can use all sorts of items, as the children they help range in age from very young to 17-years-old.

"We are occasionally short on things for newborn babies, but we don't always know if somebody is going to be applying that has a baby," says Zacharias. "And then the other thing is for teenage guys and girls. We usually try and give people up to the age of fifteen a gift."

If you would like a hamper, they ask you to sign up by December 10th.

The process is completely anonymous. In some cases, the hampers may be able to be delivered to you.