Get ready for your street to be swept. You'll soon see Portage la Prairie's street sweeper out there cleaning away the dirt throughout the city, and General Manager Nathan Peto says it's a big job.

"Our crews will be out cleaning up, getting all that sand, salt, and gravel off the roads that accumulates over the winter. Our main goal is we start with our main arteries and our main priority routes, and then we start to work into our residential cycles. What you'll see into May and into June is that we'll start to get on that regular schedule of the street sweeper following our garbage collection cycle; the day after your garbage day."

The city's asking you to ensure you avoid parking on the street during this period to allow for a little bit better and thorough cleaning. He notes it not only lets the sweeper make your street better looking, but also allows safer conditions in terms of removable gravel, sand, and debris from the road. 

"The Avenue is done by the province and then the area under construction will be done by the contractor," adds Peto.