The second Sunday of September is just hours away, and that means one annual event is around the corner.

Portage's Terry Fox Run goes down tomorrow at 10 a.m. and starts at Island Park. Run coordinator Todd Cuddington says last year's event went swimmingly.

"We had about 65 participants last year that ran, and our shirt sales were really positive. We earned over $3,000 in pledges and donations. All of the money goes directly back to the Terry Fox Foundation."

He notes the registration process is very simple, show up before the run begins.

"There's a registration that takes place just prior to the run kickoff. It's very easy. It's just a matter of taking names and collecting pledges or donations," Cuddington explains.

Cuddington says the fundraiser isn't a race.

"I think some people hear Terry Fox Run, and they think, 'Well, I don't jog or run typically.' So, they can get scared off by the fact that it's called a run, but we are open to any participant that wants to join," Cuddington continues. "They can complete a portion of the run. They are not obligated to complete anything. And they don't have to run. They can walk very leisurely at their own pace. They can ride their bike or rollerblade. We say, 'Walk, run, ride, or roll, everyone is welcome.'"

Just as Terry Fox did during his iconic run across the country, the event will proceed rain or shine.

"We've done Terry Fox Runs in all sorts of weather before. When Terry did the run, he ran a marathon a day and ran through all different types of Canadian weather."

Cuddington has organized the local Terry Fox Run for several years, but he also has seen firsthand the effect Terry Fox has had worldwide.

"I've participated in (Terry Fox Runs), not only in Canada, but internationally. It's pretty heart-warming to see the impact that Terry Fox has had globally. There's no better cause to come out because, unfortunately, we know that cancer has had an impact on everyone's family in one way or another. It's a great cause, and keeping Terry Fox's legacy alive is something that makes me feel very Canadian."

The event organizer is thankful to everyone who comes out year after year, and he encourages anyone who hasn't attended to give it a try this time around.


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